article: how to talk to strangers

My last day at charity: water, Founder Scott Harrison said some sweet words to send me off. The best part was when he talked about how I'd hug people when they came into the office. He, assuming I'd known them for years, always shocked to find out I just met them that day. I'm an extrovert and feel energized by others. There are no strangers; just friends I haven't met yet. 

If meeting new people isn't quite as fun for you, this article from may help improve your people skills -- in particular the ability to meet new people for the first time, and maybe even enjoy it (helpful in the workplace, but ALSO for first dates : ). 

I. Get them talking about themselves
2. Listen deeply
3. Turn off the inner voice
4. Assume the other person is more nervous than you
5. Practice
6. Become comfortable with yourself