10 Life Lessons to Excel in Your 30's

Ooooooo baby! This article by Mark Manson was right on the $$$.
My girlfriend sent it to me. Then she started a pension fund and went to yoga this week. Coincidence?!?

Here they are. Ten ways to make your 30's super awesome:

1. Start saving for retirement now, not later (Ok, so I have to start this one).
2. Start taking care of your health now, not later (Kula Yoga membership, check).
3. Don't spend time with people who don't treat you well (No time for that).
4. Be good to the people you care about (I messed this one up in my early 20's. Worst).
5. You can't have everything; focus on doing a few things really well (Like juggling).
6. Don't be afraid of taking risks, you can still change (Life is long! Failing is ok). 
7. You must continue to grow and develop yourself (Starting morning TED Talks).
8. Nobody [still] knows what they're doing, get used to it (Phew, me either). 
9. Invest in your family, it's worth it (Call your mom).
10. Be kind to yourself, respect yourself (Sometimes the hardest one to do on your own. Friends help). 

Check out the article for more details. It's an inspiring read.