I just saw Frozen. The animated film came out in November, it's the highest grossing original animated movie of all time, and won a few Oscars. I know. I'm late to the game. But I've woken up every day since, thinking about the important themes and singing Let it Go (which is actually a nice relief from the past three months of waking up singing Beyonce's Drunk in Love). I feel more confident about the future, knowing that thousands of young people are being positively influenced by this story (way to go Disney!).

If you see me on the train wearing earbuds, chances are good that I'm listening to Let it Go on full volume, belting out the words in my mind.

This great article about why Frozen matters explains exactly why I love it so much. The film is "about accepting oneself, warts and all (although I  do wish these girls looked a little more realistic and less like Bratz dolls), and in turn, learning to accept love from others. It shows little girls – and little boys I’m sure – that there isn’t a singular definition of ‘true love,’ that there can be more at the end of the movie than someone to sweep the heroine off her feet. In very simplistic, easy to understand terms, it stresses that it’s alright to be different." PREACH.